How to Stream

There are many methods to broadcast to or listen to streams from

1. For masaajid or ulema to broadcast their stream to the server 
    PI Streamer: This is a dedicated device installed in the masjid, that automatically streams whenever the Masjid sound system is activated. 
                 It is simply plugged in and runs without any maintenance. The once off cost for is just under R2500 which includes:

                    1. Raspberry Pi 3
                    2. SD Card
                    3. Power Supply
                    4. Case
                    5. USB Sound Card
                    6. USB 3G Dongle
                    7. USB extension Cables
                    8. Shipping

    Smartphone: Apps can be used on Android and iPhone to stream:
                For Android: Broadcastmyself
                For iPhone: KoalaSan

2.For listerners to listen to any stream from the server, there any many options :

    1. Click on the player on the site. Plays immediately and simply for most browsers.
    2. Click on the listen link. This plays directly on your smartphone or pc. 
    3. Install any smartphone app: 
        For Android: VLC, TuneIn or XiiaLive
        iPhone: VLC, TuneIn,  or XiiaLive